Upperdale Walk

This is a favourite walk. It can be varied and reversed depending on your wishes.

The first part of the route doesn’t use the Mondal Trial, but the pathways over-the-top of the hills that Litton and Cressbrook Tunnels go through. The views from the top are amazing, but the paths are steep in places and uneven. Stay on the marked trail to avoid mineshafts. Not recommended to those with vertigo, or in foggy or windy weather.

The walk then goes via Cressbrook Mill, along River Wye valley past Upperdale and Netherdale Farm and up the hill to Monsal Head. There are stunning views from Monsal Head, as well as Hobbs Café, Stable Bar (Monsal Head Hotel) and an ice cream vendor. The walk then takes the path down to the Monsal Viaduct and you return to Litton Mill along the Mondal Trail.

Details for this walk are provided in the apartment.

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